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About Groupe Richtin


Groupe Richtin is a website dedicated to providing the best information and advice regarding interior design. Browsing around our site you will find pointers on how to decorate your living spaces or how to add a natural touch to your company’s building.

Our Beginnings

Back in 2012, municipal court judge John J. Akbar was confronted by his wife with a project to renew the kitchen and living room. Wanting to save a little money and still make his wife happy, he started browsing around the net for ideas that he could do himself or with her.

He discovered a brand-new world that included colour schemes, proper lightning, even what plants and furniture to use for certain rooms. Although there was a healthy amount of useful information, John noticed that it was all spread around and he had to browse here and there to find specific solutions.

Soon, he consulted with an architect friend of his who had been toying with the idea of working with interior design for a while, but he had a team of professionals to work with. After a short explanation, the architect and his team understood what John wanted to accomplish and joined him in the effort to create this webpage.

Our Goals

What we all agreed on that day, remains the main driver for everything we do at Groupe Richtin. Our team is focused on enhancing people’s lives by helping them optimize the spaces they live and work in, as we believe that this is key to living a happy life. We want our readers and customers to be comfortable in any of the places they spend time in.

Additionally, we are passionate about helping businesses to have business environments that promote employees’ wellbeing along with an image of professionalism and good taste. Showing business owners that they can combine comfort, sobriety, and eco-friendly trends are one of the things we enjoy the most because the results are always pleasing.

Our Future

We hope and work constantly to expand our reach to new customers and readers from all over the world, who need to improve their interior design. Forming alliances with different businesses in the same industry and providing the best customer service we hope to blossom into an interior design enterprise.

We invite you to embrace our advice and our services and improve your life by engaging in excellent interior design in all the places where you have the authority to make changes.