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How to Design the Best Office Kitchen

An office kitchen used to be a shabby room with the bare minimum to grab a bite during the lunch break but, as employers and businesses modernize, the kitchen spaces are following. Since having a pleasant and functional kitchen boosts employees’ productivity, here’s how you can design the best one for your office.

The Essentials

Before we get into the fancier and fun additions, you’d do well to remember the essential items your office kitchen needs to have. You will need a sink, a fridge, and a cooker, all disposed close to each other but with enough room to allow different workers to go about their tasks.

Include Partners for Your Microwave

While a microwave can be a practical tool, it keeps you from cooking many meals that are more delicious and nutritious but can only be done on a proper stove. If you want your workers to feel more at home and even save a little money in team meals, accompany your microwave with a hob or even an oven, which will work wonders.

As an additional bonus, your employees might feel encouraged to prepare meals together, which will work wonders on their bonding and skills for teamwork. They could even arrange fun competitions over who makes the tastiest meals, share recipes, and a great many other activities that will reflect in more proficient workers.

Focus on Efficiency

Many employees will be all on board with making their fresh meals and this is wonderful, but you also need to keep in mind what happens one the busier days. If you want to avoid queues to use the microwave when everybody’s in a hurry, you could have multiple microwaves in perfect condition.

You can also consider a few toasters and a hot water tap to enable your employees to make their breakfast, tea, and coffee faster and without crowding the kitchen.

Keep it Safe

Every single part of the workplace needs to be safe for employees and this includes the office kitchen. Avoid nasty accidents and angry workers suing the company by following the simplest safety rules.

Put it near an emergency exit, keep the plugs and water sources far from each other, and put up a warning sign for your hot water tap.

Designing an efficient and pleasant office kitchen for your company represents a bit of an investment, but you can be certain your employees’ increased productivity is worth it.

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