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Top 7 Sustainable Interior Design Trends for the Ecologist in You

Your home should always reflect your personality, your likes and dislikes, and overall be in harmony with yourself. If you are trying to live a sustainable life, many interior design trends will please the ecologist in you.

Emerald Color

This colour’s use is on the rise since it creates such a lovely harmony with the green you add to your sustainable interior design, without compromising an air of sophistication. Moreover, the psychology of this colour says it is relaxing and refreshing for the eyes that see it for a while.

Stone Coating

There is a recent trend to use stone surfaces for the countertops, the walls, and the floor. You can use marble or granite textures to create a natural and comfortable ambience that is cool and can either go French or Scandinavian in style.


In an important sustainability note, this type of coating has long endurance and works well with glass and wood.

Plants along Your Walls

If you are aware of the many benefits provided by decorating with plants, you might just love having a couple of walls in your home covered with plants. Although caring for all those plants can take up some time and resources, it all returns to you in the form of oxygen, stress relief, and a gorgeous space to live in.

For those of you thinking that your current life’s pace may keep you from tending to your plants, healthy moss covering your wall is the right choice because it is low maintenance.

Sustainable Decoration Materials

Many sustainable materials are being increasingly used to decorate homes everywhere, by those that care about the environment and also about style. A few of the most frequently used ideas are bamboo stalks to decorate the walls or cork wallpaper. Of course, that classy option of wooden panelled walls or floors is always a trend to follow.

The cork and ceramic tiles are also being used for both floors and walls, along with wooden beams for houses with high ceilings.

Cardboard Furniture

Recycling is a powerful trend that has turned people towards preferring cardboard furniture in their homes. After going through specific technological processes, several layers of cardboard make up resistant and light-weighted ecofriendly furniture. It is a highly affordable option and you can repaint it at any time you wish.

All-Natural Woods

Given that paints and varnishes used to treat wood are immensely harmful to the environment, more people are preferring to leave the wood without such treatments. Woods like birch or oak make for wonderful candidates to be used unvarnished and without paint, in kitchens and bedrooms alike.

3D Printers and Natural Materials

If you have heard of 3D printers, then you know they are very popular these days because they let you print anything you design on a computer. Although the printing is done in plastic, sustainability-driven individuals are using it in combination with natural sustainable materials to produce items like lamps.

Having a sustainable interior design is bound to make the ecologist in you feel more at home in your place and you can still be stylish and original. These trends allow for creative combinations and affordable furniture to be used in any home as effective classy means of decoration.